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News: August 25, 2012
Starting from the 1st of September, we will introduce a subscription fee of 5$ per month for the use of a personal page.
Payment does not depend on the number of devices.
For newly registered trial access to the personal page will be 15 days.
This payment is introduced in view of the increased load on the hardware.
Even if you do not paid a fee, data from your device will be stored on the web site.
News: July 26, 2012
For each device, added new option:
"Create video from photos" (Devices List->Device options->Parameters of the device in the system).
Now you can choose, whether to create video from the resulting images, or not.
Previously, all received one day photos(GMT) converted into a video file automatically.

The tracking system of GPS / GLONASS devices

Home management and tracking of GPS devices. Navigation.
Fig.1 "Appearance management page. And the program."

Briefly about the monitoring system:
If you have a cell phone, smartphone or PDA with GPS / GLONASS receiver. You can install the software on it and track the movement of the device at the site using this system.
Just install the program on a cell phone, you can remotely view the camera image.

To operate the system you need to go through a very simple registration, and login. Then install the software on your cell phone or handheld computer (PDA).
If you want to get acquainted with the system, then you can go to demo mode.

Mobile tracker based mobile phone smartphone or tablet
The program for cell phone platform Android. If the phone has no built-in or external GPS / GLONASS receiver, the program will not work.

Open video in new window.

Download from Google Play
Install free app - "Reliable remote tracker" from Google Play.

The special device - tracker
  For automobile Personal For pet

Car tracker «GPS Guard" (or "GLONASS Guard") has an integrated GSM / GPRS-modem, two independent universal inputs (with support for digital and analog sensors). On board battery that provides 12 hours of continuous autonomous operation. At stops the device "sleeps", this can significantly increase the battery life and (device working even if discharge of the battery in the car).

In new version of the device «GPS Guard" became possible to connect a wired microphone. «GPS Guard" is available in two versions, both the external and the internal GSM antenna.
Other programs

  This program - a professional tool for companies with a fleet of vehicles.
The program combines two important functions:
Video registrator (DVR) and GPS tracker for remote monitoring.
Of the additional functionality: inclinometer and watching videos from the device (remote).

A distinctive feature of the program is a series of useful functions:
  • send a selected video file on your website (even on the road),
  • possible, a request through the site previously desired video file, upload it remotely,
  • inclinometer,
  • background video recording.

Download from Google Play
Install free app - "Auto Tools 2b" from Google Play.


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